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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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3rd rate, 74 guns. 1981 tons as built. 184 ft x 50½ ft. Built by Cleverley of Gravesend in 1798. Rebuilt in 1823. Sold in 1865 to Castle and Beech.

3rd rate, 64 guns. 1440 tons as built. 161 ft x 46 ft. Built by Perry of Blackwall in 1796 as the East Indiaman 'Earl Talbot' and purchased before completion. Renamed 'Bristol' in 1812 and became a prison ship. Sold in 1814.

Brig-sloop, 14 guns. 205 tons as built. 78½ ft x 25 ft. Built by King of Dover in 1779. Sold at Deptford in 1792.

Brig-sloop of the Cruizer class. 385 tons as built. Built by Bailey of Ipswich in 1807. Sold in 1815.

3rd rate, 74 guns. 1606 tons as built. 168½ ft x47 ft. Built at Woolwich Dockyard in 1775. Turned into a prison ship in 1801. Broken up in 1817.

3rd rate, 74 guns. 1643 tons as built. 168 ft x 47 ft. Built by Graves of Frindsbury in 1786. Turned into a prison ship in 1815; renamed 'Captivity' in 1824. Sold in 1836.

French corvette, 22 guns.

Gun-brig, 12 guns. 186 tons as built. 80 ft x 23 ft. Built by Randall of Rotherhithe in 1801. Sold in 1816.

Merchant ship of the East India Company. Was accompanying the 'Cato' and 'Porpoise' when the latter two were wrecked in 1803 on Wreck Reef. The captain assumed all had been lost and sailed on to India to report that Flinders was dead - subsequent inquiry proved him to be negligent in his duties to assist shipwreck survivors.

The 'Cato' and the 'Porpoise' were wrecked on Wreck Reef off the coast of Queensland in 1803, on their way back to England with most of the crew from the 'Investigator'.

5th rate, 32 guns. 909 tons as built. 142½ ft x 38 ft. Built by Temple of South Shields in 1808. Broken up in 1814.

3rd rate, 74 guns. 1683 tons as built. 170 ft x 48 ft. Built by Randall of Rotherhithe in 1783. Broken up in 1813.

Colonial-built schooner, 29 tons. Turned over to Flinders for his journey back to England after his wrecking on Wreck Reef in the 'Cato'. Remained in Ile de France when Flinders was finally released. Despite many requests for its return or for compensation, the ship was never returned to Flinders, England or Australia. (In his 1809 tribute to Trim (FLI/11) Flinders refers to the 'Cumberland' by the name 'Minikin'.)

'Dannemark', 3rd rate, 74 guns. 1836 tons as built. Danish warship captured in 1807 at Copenhagen. Sold in 1815.

A French frigate captured off Portugal in January 1801. In 1803 it was under the command of Captain Peter Heywood. Under Captain William Beauchamp Proctor, the 'Dedaigneuse' sighted the French frigate 'La Semillante' in November 1808 off Mauritius (Ile de France). A battle ensued but 'La Semillante' made it safely into harbour.

3rd rate, 74 guns. 1603 tons as built. 168½ ft x 47 ft. Built at Plymouth Dockyard in 1763. Wrecked off the coast of Jutland on 24 December 1811.

Formerly the 'Intrepid'. Bomb ship, 8 guns - 2 x 24-pdr carronades; 6 x 9-pdrs; 2 mortars. 446 tons as built. 104 ft x 31½ ft. Purchased in 1804. Sold in 1816.

3rd rate, 64 guns. 1388 tons as built. 159½ ft x 45 ft. Built by Batson of Limehouse in 1783. Converted to troopship in 1798, and to a floating battery in 1803. Broken up in 1817.

Formerly the East Indiaman 'Carron', purchased in 1804. 5th rate, 38 guns. 990 tons as built. 130 ft x 35 ft. Refitted at Bombay Dockyard in 1804. Renamed 'Dover' in 1807. Wrecked off Madras in 1811.

5th rate, 32 guns. 682 tons as built. 126 ft x 35 ft. Built by Betts of Mistleythorn in 1783. Wrecked in the Philippines in 1808.

Heir Apparent
3rd rate, 74 guns. Originally the Danish ship 'Arveprinds Frederick'. Captured at the Battle of Copenhagen in 1807. Sold in 1817.

Formerly the Dutch warship 'Guelderland', captured in 1808 in the North Sea. 5th rate, 36 guns. 852 tons as built. 135 ft x 38 ft. Renamed 'Helder' in 1809. Sunk as a breakwater in 1817.

3rd rate, 74 guns. 1730 tons as built. 176 ft x 48 ft. Built by Perry of Blackwall in 1803. Wrecked in the Texel on 25 December 1811.

Sloop, 18 guns. About 400 tons as built. Formerly French privateer 'La Revanche', captured in 1794 off Sunda. Sold in 1803.

5th rate, 36 guns. 890 tons as built. 138 ft x 38½ ft. Built by Barnard of Deptford in 1783. Broken up in 1817.

Flinders's 'ship of discovery' 1801-03. Launched as the 'Fram'; renamed 'Xenophon' when bought by the Navy as an escort vessel. 334-ton sloop. Refitted for the voyage to carry 88 expedition members and stores for 18 months. Loaded draught 15 ft. 100½ ft x 28½ ft. Broken up in 1810. (In his 1809 tribute to Trim (FLI/11) Flinders refers to the 'Investigator' by the ironic name 'Spyall'.) For more information and ship plans of the 'Investigator' see the essay Flinders and the voyage of the 'Investigator'.

3rd rate, 74 guns. 1674 tons as built. 170 ft x 48½ ft. Built at Woolwich Dockyard in 1808. Turned into a coal hulk in 1857. Broken up in 1861.

La Loire
5th rate, 40 guns - 28 x 18-pdrs; 12 x 9-pdrs. 1100 tons as built. 153½ ft x 40 ft. French warship, captured in 1798 off Ireland. Broken up in 1818.

La Nymphe
5th rate, 36 guns. 937 tons as built. 141 ft x 38 ft. French warship, captured in 1780 off Ushant.

La Semillante
French frigate (see also 'Dedaigneuse').

La Virginie
5th rate, 38 guns. 1066 tons as built. 151½ ft x 40 ft. French warship, captured in 1796 in the Atlantic. Turned into a receiving ship in 1817. Sold in 1827 to be broken up.

Lady Nelson
Survey brig with a sliding keel for inshore work along the Australian coastline. 6 guns. Purchased in 1800. Destroyed in 1825 by the inhabitants of Babber Island, Timor.

3rd rate, 74 guns. 1732 tons as built. 174 ft x 48½ ft. Built by Perry, Wells & Green of Blackwall in 1806. Turned into a store hulk in 1825. Sold in 1843 in Jamaica.

Colonial-built decked boat, 25 tons. Flinders' first command. Bass and Flinders circumnavigated Van Diemens Land (Tasmania) in the 'Norfolk' in 1798 and proved there was a strait between the mainland and Van Diemens Land. Flinders named it Bass's Strait.

Sloop, 18 guns. Part of the Cape of Good Hope squadron. Sent back to England in 1810 with despatches - and Matthew Flinders.

5th rate, 38 guns. 944 tons as built. 141 ft x 39 ft. Built in 1782 by Smallshaw of Liverpool. Sold 1827.

Piedmontaise (Piémontaise)
French frigate, 5th rate, 38 guns. Between 1806 and 1808 disrupted British trade in the Indian Ocean. Destroyed the East Indiaman 'Warren Hastings' under Thomas Larkins in June 1806. Larkins was stabbed in the conflict, captured and sent to Ile de France. The 'Pietmontaise' was captured by 'St Fiorenzo' off Ceylon in 1808, and broken up at Woolwich in 1813.

3rd rate, 80 guns. 1901 tons as built. 182 ft x 49 ft. Originally a French warship, captured at Toulon in 1793. Broken up in 1817.

Formerly the Spanish packet 'Infanta Amelia'. Commanded by Robert Fowler. Along with Flinders's ship 'Cato' it was wrecked on Wreck Reef in 1803. (In his 1809 tribute to Trim (FLI/11) Flinders refers to the 'Porpoise' by the name 'Janty'.)

Sloop, 12 guns. 420 tons. Length 32.6 m x breadth 18.8 m (107 ft x 29 ft). Purchased in 1791. Wrecked 1797 on Formosa.

Raisonnable (Raisonable)
3rd rate, 64 guns. 1386 tons as built. 160 ft x 44½ ft. Built at Chatham Dockyard in 1768. Turned into a receiving ship in 1810. Broken up in 1815.

3rd rate, 74 guns. 1670 tons as built. 170½ ft x 48½ ft. Built by Randall of Rotherhithe in 1785. Into harbour service in 1831. Broken up at Deptford in 1850.

Purchased 1793 and converted for the voyage to New South Wales. 394 tons. Length 27.4m x breadth 9.1 m (90 ft x 30 ft). Into harbour service 1800 and sold 1815. In his 1809 'tribute to Trim' (FLI/11) Flinders refers to the 'Reliance' by the name 'Roundabout'.

3rd rate, 64 guns. 1387 tons as built. 160 ft x 44½ ft. Built by Barnard of Deptford in 1782. Broken up in 1798.

St George
2nd rate, 98 guns. 1950 tons as built. 177½ ft x 50 ft. Built at Portsmouth Dockyard in 1785. Wrecked off the coast of Jutland on 24 December 1811.

Gun brig, 12 guns. 181 tons as built. 84½ ft x 22 ft. Built by Rowe of Newcastle in 1805. Sold in 1814.

3rd rate, 74 guns. 1616 tons. Length 51.2 m x breadth 14.3 m (168 x 47 ft). Built by Randall's of Rotherhithe, 1765. Broken up 1803.

Brig. John Franklin's first command in 1818 was in the 'Trent'.

Warren Hastings
East India Company ship. See 'Pietmontaise'.

Purchased in 1798 and renamed HMS 'Investigator' in 1801.

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