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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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'Dannemark', 3rd rate, 74 guns. 1836 tons as built. Danish warship captured in 1807 at Copenhagen. Sold in 1815.

A French frigate captured off Portugal in January 1801. In 1803 it was under the command of Captain Peter Heywood. Under Captain William Beauchamp Proctor, the 'Dedaigneuse' sighted the French frigate 'La Semillante' in November 1808 off Mauritius (Ile de France). A battle ensued but 'La Semillante' made it safely into harbour.

3rd rate, 74 guns. 1603 tons as built. 168½ ft x 47 ft. Built at Plymouth Dockyard in 1763. Wrecked off the coast of Jutland on 24 December 1811.

Formerly the 'Intrepid'. Bomb ship, 8 guns - 2 x 24-pdr carronades; 6 x 9-pdrs; 2 mortars. 446 tons as built. 104 ft x 31½ ft. Purchased in 1804. Sold in 1816.

3rd rate, 64 guns. 1388 tons as built. 159½ ft x 45 ft. Built by Batson of Limehouse in 1783. Converted to troopship in 1798, and to a floating battery in 1803. Broken up in 1817.

Formerly the East Indiaman 'Carron', purchased in 1804. 5th rate, 38 guns. 990 tons as built. 130 ft x 35 ft. Refitted at Bombay Dockyard in 1804. Renamed 'Dover' in 1807. Wrecked off Madras in 1811.

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