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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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5th rate, 36 guns. 890 tons as built. 138 ft x 38½ ft. Built by Barnard of Deptford in 1783. Broken up in 1817.

Flinders's 'ship of discovery' 1801-03. Launched as the 'Fram'; renamed 'Xenophon' when bought by the Navy as an escort vessel. 334-ton sloop. Refitted for the voyage to carry 88 expedition members and stores for 18 months. Loaded draught 15 ft. 100½ ft x 28½ ft. Broken up in 1810. (In his 1809 tribute to Trim (FLI/11) Flinders refers to the 'Investigator' by the ironic name 'Spyall'.) For more information and ship plans of the 'Investigator' see the essay Flinders and the voyage of the 'Investigator'.

3rd rate, 74 guns. 1674 tons as built. 170 ft x 48½ ft. Built at Woolwich Dockyard in 1808. Turned into a coal hulk in 1857. Broken up in 1861.

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