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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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5th rate, 38 guns. 944 tons as built. 141 ft x 39 ft. Built in 1782 by Smallshaw of Liverpool. Sold 1827.

Piedmontaise (Piémontaise)
French frigate, 5th rate, 38 guns. Between 1806 and 1808 disrupted British trade in the Indian Ocean. Destroyed the East Indiaman 'Warren Hastings' under Thomas Larkins in June 1806. Larkins was stabbed in the conflict, captured and sent to Ile de France. The 'Pietmontaise' was captured by 'St Fiorenzo' off Ceylon in 1808, and broken up at Woolwich in 1813.

3rd rate, 80 guns. 1901 tons as built. 182 ft x 49 ft. Originally a French warship, captured at Toulon in 1793. Broken up in 1817.

Formerly the Spanish packet 'Infanta Amelia'. Commanded by Robert Fowler. Along with Flinders's ship 'Cato' it was wrecked on Wreck Reef in 1803. (In his 1809 tribute to Trim (FLI/11) Flinders refers to the 'Porpoise' by the name 'Janty'.)

Sloop, 12 guns. 420 tons. Length 32.6 m x breadth 18.8 m (107 ft x 29 ft). Purchased in 1791. Wrecked 1797 on Formosa.

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