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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Harvey, James and Elizabeth
Matthew Flinders's sister Elizabeth married James Harvey. Elizabeth had two children, James and Susanna, before she died at the age of 24.

Hayes, Captain James
Captain of HMS 'Magnificent' in 1812.

Henry (pseudonym)
Matthew Flinders writing about himself under a pseudonym - a convention to distance himself from the husband in the song. The song is written as though by his wife Ann to himself.

Heywood, Peter
1772-1831. Nephew of Sir Thomas Pasley. Served in HMS 'Bellerophon' in 1794 with Flinders, after he had been pardoned in 1792 for his part in the mutiny of the Bounty (Bligh's first breadfruit expedition to Tahiti). Promoted to Post Captain in 1803. Served under Admiral Rainier.

Hippins family
Cousins of Isabella Tyler. Ann Flinders stayed with them in London after the Admiralty had forbidden her passage to New South Wales on the 'Investigator' with Matthew. Presumably a sister of Rev. Tyler married into the Hippins family.

Hollis, (Captain) Askew Paffard
Also spelt 'Holles'. Captain of 3rd-rate 74-gun ship HMS 'Achille'.

Holloway, (Mr)
Civil service administrator for the Honourable East India Company in India.

Hope, Hugh
Commissioner from the civil administration of the East India Company in India charged with negotiating the release of English prisoners from the Ile de France. He was instrumental in the eventual release of Flinders.

Horsburgh, James
1762-1838. Fellow of the Royal Society. In 1810 hydrographer to the Honorable East India Co. Published the standard authorities in this field.

Howe, Richard (Lord Howe)
1726-99. Served as Lord Commissioner on the Admiralty Board 1762-65. First Lord of the Admiralty 1783-90. Commanded the Channel Fleet 1783-88 and again 1790-97. In command during the Battle of the Glorious First of June, 1794.

Hurd, (Captain) Thomas.
1753-1823. Succeeded Alexander Dalrymple as Hydrographer to the Admiralty in 1807. His own survey work included Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, the Bermudas. Credited with having the responsibility of all surveying coming under the Royal Navy with surveys and chart production becoming the responsibility of the Hydrographer to the Admiralty.

The Hursthouses were family friends of the Flinders senior. Lived at Tydd St Mary.

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