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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Dalrymple, Alexander
1737-1808. Began his sea career with the East India Company in 1752 where he rose to become the Company's Hydrographer in 1779. He was the Royal Society's choice of leader for the expedition to the South Pacific in 1768 to observe the transit of Venus - James Cook, Royal Navy was chosen instead. First Hydrographer to the Admiralty when the department was formed in 1795. Died three weeks after an enforced retirement.

Dampier, William
1652-1715. British explorer, privateer and sea captain. Made several voyages around the world and published an account in 1697. Visited the north-west coast of Australia in 1688 and again in 1699.

The French family Flinders lived with on the Ile de France when he was given his first parole.

De Caen, Charles Mathieu Isadore
(Often spelt 'Decaen'.) 1769-1832. The army was his life. General by 1796 and appointed Governor of Ile de France in 1803. He was responsible for the long detention of Matthew Flinders. Was wounded in battle in 1810 when British forces captured the island. Died of cholera.

Decrés, (Admiral) Denis
1761-1820. Captured in 1800 when his ship 'Guillaume Tell' was taken after a three hour battle with the 'Foudroyant'. His was the only remaining French warship from the Battle of the Nile.

Desbassayns, Charles
One of the D'Arifat daughters married Charles Desbassayns. He became one of Flinders's best friends on the island and, along with Thomas Pitot, looked after his finances on the island.

Douglas, Charles
Boatswain, HMS 'Investigator'. Died during the second half of the circumnavigation.

Drury, (Admiral) William O'Brien
1754-1811. Commander-in-chief of the Honorable East India Company. In 1810 he despatched a force to capture Banda Neira from the Dutch. Died in 1811.

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