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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Mallison Family
Ann Flinders's mother was born Anne Mallison. The Mallisons were Ann's cousins.

Markham, John
Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty. Vice Admiral 1761-1827.

Marsden, William
Secretary to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty 1804-07, succeeding Evan Nepean.

Mart, Russell
Carpenter, HMS 'Investigator'.

Maskelyne, Nevil
1732-1811. Astronomer Royal 1765-1811.

Melville, Henry Dundas, First Viscount (Lord Melville)
1742-1811. Treasurer of the Navy 1782 (or 84?)-1800. First Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty, 1804-05. Very popular due to his attempted reforms of Navy Pay and his fight for the rights of sailors and their families. Resigned in 1805 when Samuel Whitbread accused him of using public funds for himself and impeachment proceedings began. One year later he was cleared of all charges.

Minto, Gilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 1st Earl of (Lord Minto)
1751-1814. 1st Earl of Minto. Viscount Melgund. Governor-General of India 1807-13. Was responsible for the British conquering of the French islands of Reunion and Mauritius (formerly Bourbon and Ile de France) in 1810.

Monistrol, (Colonel)
De Caen's senior officer; in charge of Flinders on a day-to-day basis during his detention on the Ile de France. All correspondence to or from Flinders went via Monistrol. Although sympathetic to Flinders' cause, he was compelled to follow De Caen's orders.

Mornington, Richard Wellesley (Lord Mornington)
1760-1842. Richard Wellesley. Governor of India 1797-1805.

Mulgrave, Henry Phipps (Lord Mulgrave)
Secretary of State for the Foreign Department in 1796. A lieutenant-general and colonel of the 91st regiment of foot, he distinguished himself at the seige of Toulon. First Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty 1807-10.

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