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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Taylor, William
Master's mate and midshipman, HMS 'Investigator'. Died at Memory Cove in a boat accident - John Thistle and six others were also lost.

Thistle, John
Ship's Master, HMS 'Investigator'. Had served with Bass in his whaleboat voyages and with Flinders in the 'Norfolk'. Lost with William Taylor and six others at what became Cape Catastrophe on 22 February 1802 in a boat accident. Flinders left a copper plate with details of the tragedy on the mainland and named it Memory Cove.

1799-1804. Ship's cat on 'Investigator' and 'bedfellow' of Flinders. Named after Corporal Trim, a character in Laurence Sterne's 'Tristram Shandy'. Survived the circumnavigation of Australia with Flinders; survived the shipwreck on Wreck Reef with Flinders in 1803; was imprisoned on Ile de France with Flinders. The latter reported that he was 'devoured by the Catophagi of that island' and wrote a touching and humorous tribute to his cat (FLI/11).

Troubridge, (Admiral) Sir Thomas
1758-1807. Distinguished naval officer in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty 1801-04.

Troughton, Edward
1753-1835. Mathematical instrument maker and leading maker of nautical instruments in England.

Tuckey, (Mrs)
Referred to by Franklin in letter. Most probably refers to the wife of James Kingston Tuckey (1776-1816). He surveyed Port Philip Bay in HMS 'Calcutta' in 1802, was captured by the French in 1806, and died in the Congo in 1816. He is better known as an African explorer.

Tyler, (Reverend) William
The Reverend William Tyler was Rector of Brothertoft. He married the widow Anne Chappelle (neé Mallison) and became stepfather to Ann and then father to Isabella (Belle/Bell). Ann Flinders lived with the Tylers (her mother, stepfather and half-sister) while Matthew was at sea and under detention.

Tyler, Isabella (Belle/Bell)
Ann Flinders's (née Chappelle) half-sister. Buried with her at St Thomas's Rectory, 80 Maryon Street, Woolwich, London, SE7. Called Bell(e) by Flinders.

Tymon, (Mr)
Surgeon in the Royal Navy.

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