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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Sandy Cape
North point of Fraser Island off Queensland.

In the county of Kent, south-east England. A dockland town and port founded in the 1660s. One of Britain's major naval dockyards until the 1950s.

Small village in Lincolnshire.

Spice Islands
A romantic name for the Moluccas, though also one reflecting the enormous commercial value of the islands' spices.

Market town in Lincolnshire. Home to the Franklin family. Statue of Sir John Franklin is in the marketplace.

St Helena
An island 1950 km (1200 miles) west of south-west Africa. First European discovery in 1502 by the Spanish navigator João da Nova, sailing for the Portuguese. English Captain Thomas Cavendish stopped there on his voyage around the world in 1588 and it afterwards became a port of call on the Europe to East Indies route. Annexed by the Dutch in 1633 but not settled. English East India Company took possession in 1659 and stayed there until 1834.

St Jago
The chief island of the Cape de Verde Islands off Senegal. First settled by the Portuguese in 1462.

St Vincent's Gulph, Australia
Named for John Jervis, First Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty and Earl of St Vincent.

Sydney Cove
Named in honour of Viscount Sydney, Under-Secretary of State for Home Affairs. Settled in January 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip with the First Fleet of convicts from England. The birthplace of European settlement of Australia. Now known for the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and as the central ferry terminals for Sydney Harbour.

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