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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Loose pages from Flinders' private letterbook (1 of 6). To Mary Franklin 1795. (FLI04)

To Miƒs Franklin Spilsby Lincolnshire
My very dear Brother [sic]
Plymouth Sound Jany
23rd 1795

        I imagine you begin to think me lost or
that I have buried in Oblivion those Friends I have so often profeƒsed
an inviolable Attachment for, a Sentiment which if poƒsible now
warms my Heart with greater ardor than ever, indeed my dear
Mary when I recollect the agreable [sic] Journey I had painted out, the
pleasing Anxiety naturally excited by it and which you the Ex-
-pectation of seeing our dearest Friends and which you did me the
Honour to say flatterd [sic] me with the Idea of your largely partaking
of – after having been prevented from executing that darling Project
by one of those little Accidents that are continually croƒsing us
here and not to have wrote tho' it were only to tell the Circum-
-stances and alleviate that Anxiety you would of Course be un-
-der in not seeing me at the expected time, is almost unpardon-
-able – for some time the hurry and Confusion of so sudden a
Departure woud [sic] not allow me to think of any thing save my
immediate Duty – from Plymouth I wrote a hasty Note to
my dear friend Thomas dated December 25th wherein how-
-ever I did not ask him to write again expecting to sail every
Day, but the publick [sic] Papers would certainly have informd [sic]
him that we yet had not left England, as such I have ex-
-pected a Letter this sometime past – I wrote to my Father
Jany 5th but have got no Answer to his either, so that I
begin to look upon poor Samuel and I as two ^ poor orphans whom
nobody knows – for your Brothers letter. It now strikes me it
was not received, if not – good God how uncomfortable you have
been for some time – I speak my Mary as I should myself
feel was I in your Situation – as the {Case} now stands, we
cannot say with any Certainty when we shall sail, we have
been put off so often that I had formd [sic] a Resolution not to

write till I could with Certainty say we sail tomorrow and I believe
it would have stood firm, had not my wish to have a Letter from my
dear little Brother Molly before we wholly depart vanquishd [sic] it
add to this Superstition in some Measure has its share, these
two or three last nights I have continually dreamd [sic] of Chappelle
and Mary F. I took it as a warning and determined to write
the first leisure Moment – tho as comfortable as those around
me how much does my Situation in Plymouth Sound suffer
by a Comparison with the Comforts of a Spilsby fire side, the
agreable [sic] Chat and lively Jist of those Friends in whose fa-
-vour we are so much prepoƒsed [sic] as to think every thing they say
or do charming and non pariel from a Conviction of this
Truth, my Ideas of Happineƒs are become more confind [sic] for I
cannot allow any Situation to produce it abstracted wherein
I am deprivd [sic] of the Society of lovely frie my two lovely friends
so pure and warm is my friendship – if you feel but a Por-
-tion of my Sentiments you will write to me immediately
a long and joint Letter, my Chappelle will not be offended
at not receiving a Letter now, I am by no means in her Debt
in yours Mary I certainly am – immediately Lord Howe shall
have taken a short Cruize to clear the Channel of frenchmen
we expect to sail therefore my dears delay not a Moment
in writing – Samuel is well and I am so, we have been
on shore twice or thrice on shooting Parties and enjoy our-
-selves as well as this dreary Season will allow – how long
and often have we wished to get into an hospitable Climate

[ends here]

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