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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (20 of 41) (FLI25) Page 4

years has not been very great. I fear his other relations, equally near to him,
are more in want of it. The principle of justice within me would make me
divide what may come to me amongst the most indigent nephews and
nieces of my mother, but when I reflect that even this little addition to
my fortune will be the means of shortening the time I may be obliged to
to be absent from thee, to gain a moderate competence for us, I shall hardly
be able to bring myself to do it. I doubt not but Mr Tyler will take care
of my interest in this affair, and to him I wholly leave it until my return.
I do not well understand the nature of the difference between an executor and
an executor in trust, nor why both are neceƒsary in the execution of a will?
      I thank thy sister Belle for her letter, though I have not received it.
Kiƒs her for me, and say I am am [sic] her affectionate friend and brother. I
esteem her so much that I recommended her to Samuels particular atten-
-tion, but I know not he if he thought further of my advice. In these sort of
affairs the opinion of the dearest friend has but little weight. I shall write
to Samuel also by this conveyance (though as yet I know not when it will
happen nor by what route. I am anxious for news from Standert. I have
sent him home a considerable number of bills, but have not received any
account of one of them. I desired my brother to arrange my busineƒs with
him, as well as that of the money left me by my dear father; and since
though doest not say anything upon either of these subjects, I suppose that
thy money has been regularly paid, and nothing is materially amiƒs.
This is, my love, a most interesting subject to us: on it depends the period when
we shall be able to sit down quietly without further occasion for voyages of dis-
-covery. Shouldst thou not know certainly that orders for my liberation have
been sent out, at the time thou mayst receive this letter, pray write to my
brother for an abstract of the state of my property to the best of his knowledge
, and also write to Standert for the same and inclose them to me by the
first conveyance, having reserved a copy for a future occasion.
      Remember me, my love, most affectionately and respectfully to thy
dear mother, my friend Mr Tyler and to thy aunt. Write my congratulations
to Mrs Booth on her marriage, and present my affectionate regards to
all the Franklin family. Entertain hope and repose confidently in
the unalterable affection of thy Mattw Flinders

P.S. I wish thou hadst said what regiment of cavalry it is that
James Franklin goes out to join at Bombay: if it is the 19th dragoons

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