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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (24 of 41) (FLI25) Page 1

Mrs Flinders
      Partney near Spilsby

May 31st           No 32

                    Wilhems Plains in the Isle of France
                                  Dec. 11. 1806

    I wrote yesterday, my best love, a letter to Mr Tyler proposing to him
a compensation for thy board and accommodation, to which I hope he will
agree. As mentioned in my last letter to thee, of Nov. 27., the sum I have
proposed is thirty or forty pounds per annum; which of the two I leave to thee
and to Mr Tyler to settle. In specifying this sum, I expect to be rather
under than over the increase of expense he may be at on thy account; be-
ing satisfied that the offer of a sum which should be more than a compensa-
-tion would be refused. I cannot tell what mode will be the most conve-
venient for making the payment, but have written to Mr A. Standert to
double the £40 per annum he has been in the habit of advancing to thee,
that is, when he receives thy order to that effect; I however suppose, that
the interest of the sum left to me by Mr Ward will be conveniently substi-
-tuted as a part: thou wilt make such arrangements on this head as are
best calculated for the completion of my intention, and for our interest.
      From there being no more than £750 in the three per cents reduced,
which, if purchased in at £60 will amount only to about £460, I per-
ceive that there were several sums due to me not then received ^ by Standert; most pro-
bably my first balance bill as purser of the I., amounting to about £130
and my compensation pay for four servants, which, up to Dec. 1803 only,
should amount to more than £100. There is also a second balance bill
amounting to a sum nearly similar to the first, but the derangement of my
papers at the shipwreck will not, I fear, permit any settlement of it un-
-til my return. This £230 placed in the three per cents at the present prices,
would make the stock in that fund nearly £1150. I do not understand
either why Mr Fowler paid £17 to Standert in lieu of £33.10 which was
the difference between us, unless he advanced money in China to J. Franklin
and Sherrard Lound which he has charged to me.
      The account that Samuel gives me of the disposal of my late dear fa-
thers property is satisfactory, and I doubt not that Mr Tyler, with thy con-
currence, will dispose of what is left me by my uncle Ward in a secure and

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