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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders 27 of 41 (FLI25) Page 3

to make a better arrangement, should my hopes by the Semillante
frigate undergo the same fate as all my former prospects have done;
add to this, the hopes of an approaching peace. How glorious would
it be to me to obtain my liberty by such an event! Without the
shadow of an obligation, and in spite of the tyrant who has so long
oppressed me.
      For the rest, my dear love, I enjoy tolerably good health,
and more tranquillity of mind than I did a year past; the marks
of interest which I receive from the inhabitants of this island be-
come daily more extensive, and I receive them even from people
who are in intimacy with the general. Any news which seems to
announce an approaching peace is communicated to me, directly
or indirectly, by several different hands; and I believe that when
the epoch of my liberation shall arrive, it will excite as much plea-
      sure as many events of much more importance. The
      excellent family where I continue to reside, and
that of Mr Pitot are, as always, my most attached and most sin-
cere friends.
      I am afraid, and indeed incapable to assign any period
when I may be expected in England; but I think either from a peace, —
by the Semillante, — by the latest project, — by the repetition of the
order from the government of France, or by some other means which I do
not at present foresee, it cannot be delayed beyond some time near
the end of the year.
      Neglect not, my love, to have a letter at Mr Bon-
ner's for me, by which I may know exactly where thou art on my
arrival. Recal [sic] me most affectionately to the recollection of thy
family and relations, and place the fullest confidence in the love
and esteem of thy             Mattw Flinders

    I have seen with pleasure in a Steele's List for Jan. 1807, that Samu-
commands a gun-brig in the Channel: I hope he will find an oc-
casion to distinguish himself. I do not write to him now, I there-
fore pray thee to inform him of the principal contents of this letter.

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