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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (24 of 41) (FLI25) Page 3

nour shall remain unstained: no captain in His Majestys navy shall have
to blush in calling me a brother officer. But enough of this, and perhaps too
much to thee. Depend upon my resolution and foresight, and leave the rest
to Providence.
      The letter from Samuel which accompanied these, gave me much
satisfaction, though I like not that he should remain unemployed in expec-
tation of my return; before this, however, my letters will have shewn him
how little dependence is to be put upon this event, and he will now be ex-
erting himself for his own honour and advantage in some active situation.
By this occasion I have written him a very long letter.
      No promotion, it seems, has taken place amongst my officers, not even
with Mr Fowler; not will there I apprehend, at least in consequence of our
voyage, until my return: this is another subject which presses upon me.
Of James Franklin I have heard nothing, but see his arrival in India men-
tioned in the Madras gazette. The letter which thou hast intrusted ^ to his care but
still more [illegible] of twenty pages which thou wast afraid, and with reason
    [illegible] hazard, I desire very much to see, but most probably
    shall never obtain that pleasure in the I. of France.
Request, my love, that Mr Tyler and thy sister would give me a few
lines when thou writest to me: from my mother-in-law also and from
Thos Franklin I have ^ not once heard in this island. Tell the latter, that I have
written several letters to him from hence, but shall do so no more un-
less he will write to me sometimes; nevertheless I request him and Wil-
lingham, Mrs Booth, and all the family to accept my friendly remem-
brances and to be assured of my best wishes. The letters that will accompa-
ny this, are addressed to Sir J. B. Mr Tyler, Isabella, Samuel, my Mother-
in-law, Hannah, Mr Aken, Standert, and colonel Barclay of New York.
      Thank thee, my love, for the verses thou hast sent me. Miss Sophie
was so pleased with them, that she has translated them into
French verse; I do not, however, think the translation quite equal to the origi-
nal. Her eldest sister Delphine desires me to present thee with her compli-
ments: she is a very good and amiable young lady, and would be happy to
make acquaintance and friendship with thee. My faithful Elder is in good
health, and at this moment employed at another table near me in writing
a correct copy of my narrative: my health also is pretty good at this time.
      Adieu, my dearest friend and only love, Believe me to be with
the most ardent affection           thine most faithfully
                                          Mattw Flinders

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