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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (22 of 41) (FLI25) Page 2

think certainly, be on my return either to France or England before the expiration of
another year; and if justice be done me, perhaps, my love, with such an acceƒsion
of reputation and fortune, as may permit me to follow the bent of my own inclinations
during the rest of my life. I had once thought of making my escape, but when I con-
-sider how much I must leave behind me, and that all idea of indemnification
for my sufferings must be abandoned, and my conduct perhaps disapproved in
England, – I have determined to see it out; but at the same time to rouse every
person in all parts of the world who are likely to interest themselves in my favour.
In the gazettes of France, London, the three presidencies in India, that of New South Wales,
and some in America, I find mention made of my imprisonment, and generally in terms
very injurious to general De Caën; and I hope, that by this time the admiralty, perhaps,
will have given me the rank of post-captain. I am at present occupied in writing
a narrative of all the circumstances that have attended my confinement here, as well
as those of our shipwreck; and it is prefaced with a sketch of the Investigators voy-
-age, making in all, with an appendix of official papers, between two and three hun-
-dred pages: it will be finished in a month or six weeks and transmitted to the Ad-
-miralty; and perhaps through Sir Joseph B. or governor King thou wilt be able to
get a sight of it. I expect, that this narrative will stimulate the admiralty to take
^ some decisive measures; and it is poƒsible they may cause it to be published.
      From India I have received much attention. Lately I had two letters
from Sir Edward Pellew, who expreƒses much interest for my suffering so unjustly; but
as general De Caën will listen to no exchange for me, he can do nothing more than
make representations to our admiralty. If thou shouldst see governor King, he will
shew thee a French letter written from this island to the Institute of Paris, which
will give thee much satisfaction: it went from hence two months since, and a
duplicate will go in a few days. For myself, I have again written to Mons. Fleurieu,
and also a letter to the Minister of the French marine: the copy of the latter, inclosed,
shew to governor King if he is arrived. I regret not having written to Bonaparte
whilst he was first consul; it would then have been attended to perhaps; but now, as he
is not acknowledged Emperor of the French by our government, I cannot write to him
as such, and therefore it is unneceƒsary to write at all.
      July 5. Do, my best love, take good care of thy health. Make such visits to
thy friends and mine, as may be convenient. It will tend to diƒsipate thy uneasineƒs
and preserve thee in health. Ah, my love, let me find thee constant in thy affec-
-tions at my return, and capable of meeting my enraptured heart with equal
transports, and the first and dearest of my wishes will be accomplished; but,
Merciful Heaven! let this be soon. Perhaps, my love, the order for my liberation
is even now on its way, or the still more agreeable tidings of peace: Of the last,
much hopes are at this time entertained in this part of the world.
      It gives me much pleasure, that thou hast cultivated the acquaintance

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