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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (23 of 41) (FLI25) Page 3

mind is more tranquil. I still cling to the hope, that between this time
and May next, either from the interference of our government, or from
the application of some members of the National Institute, an order will
arrive here, which shall in some way terminate this most distressing
state of suspense. Oh, my best beloved, had I but thy society I could
bear the deprivation of all the rest with some patience; yet the dread I
entertain of thy voyage, and the yet lingering hope of soon joining thee
force me still to adhere to what I wrote thee on April 4.
      I see on the Steeles List of Dec. 1805 a new Investigator! What is the mean-
-ing of it? Is she coming here to me, under Mr Fowler or my brothers command,
for me to finish our voyage of discovery? Or is some other officer to reap the
harvest of my labours whilst I am let to remain in prison? I know not
{what to} think; but if the first takes place, particularly under the command
{of my} brother, I request he thou wilt apply to the admiralty, by the
[missing] of Sir J.B. for a permission to take a passage to Port {Jackson}
[missing], my love, in that case I would place thee, should not [missing]
peace, {my} own inclination and other circumstances induce thee rather to re-
-main with my friends here, whilst the examination of Australia should
be completed.
      In the monthly magazine of 1806 (Jan) I see, that a paper I sent
upon the variation of the compass to Sir J.B. has been presented to the Roy-
-al Society
and published in their transactions. I am sorry for this, inas-
-much as I have since sent one upon the same subject, more extended
and much less imperfect, but as it shews some attention to me I am
glad of it. My brother does not appear to have seen Sir J.B.! this
surprises me.
      I am, my best beloved, obliged to conclude. Adieu then, for
two or three weeks. Preserve thy health and thy hopes, and rest confi-
-dent in the ardent affection of thy
        M. Flinders
P.S. Tell Mr Aken that his letter is silent about his business with
the admiralty and navy offices, Dr Maskelyne &c &c and to write me more
fully – My most affectionate regards always attend the members of thy fami-
-ly, as well as my own.
      I highly approve, my dearest love, of thy desire to offer an indem
-nity to Mr Tyler; and pray offer to pay him annually £30 or £40, as thou

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