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Letter from (Sir) John Franklin to Ann Flinders (4 of 5) (FLI27) Page 1

Mrs Flinders
Glos'ter Square

P.S. My veƒsel is named the Trent
at present in Dock at Shadwell but                   6 Robert Street Bedford Row
will proceed to Deptford in afew days                         Feby 18th 1818
for the purpose of fitting out. If you continue to addreƒs me until March 15
        when we expect to sail, at Mr Brines I shall receive
                your letters [illegible] him.

My dear Mrs Flinders
            Owing to my not having called for some days on
Mr Brine I did not receive your kind congratulation before late
last Evening – among the numbers which have reached me
beleive [sic] me, there is none which I more highly value than
yours, since I feel aƒsured that it is the dictate of sincere
and true Friendship – I am not surprized that the word
Discovery should not poƒseƒs many charms with you – Nor
am I backward to confeƒs that voyages on such Service have
not the attraction I share, they once might have had.
experience has I think given us both a good leƒson on
that Subject!! My present expectations however open
much brighter than I could poƒsibly look for. The voyage
I am about to engage in is one of the greatest Interest
in every point of view, and appears to occupy the closest
attention of all the Men of Science in this great Metropolis –
The Admiralty and Royal Society with whom the arrangements
and preparations entirely rest – have shewn a liberality
and energy quite uncommon – In the fitting of the veƒsels
every poƒsible attention has been paid to our comforts;
and even our wants have been very generally supplied –
the Instruments are very handsome, and in fact every thing
appears to have been done, that the most sanguine expectation
could have looked for – The Service I apprehend will not be
one of danger though of considerable fatigue – we shall
go out perfectly prepared for wintering even on board our

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