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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (23 of 41) (FLI25) Page 2

      My next letter to thee was a very long one, dated Nov. 1805, and
sent by the way of America: it was accompanied with others for Sir
J.B., the admiralty, my cousin Henny, Samuel, Mr Aken, my mother
, Mr Robertson, and my agent.
      On March 19. 1806 I wrote thee a long letter, inclosing letters of
recommendation for France and a bill for 300 dollars. This was ac-
-companied with one to Sir J.B., one to my brother, and one to Mr
of the admiralty: by America.
      April 1. 1806 I wrote thee a long letter by the way of Lubeck
to Mr Tyler, discussing further the subject of thy voyage hither, and
inclosing an order on my agent for £400, and a duplicate of the bill.
      On April 4 I wrote thee a long letter on the same subject, by
the way of America, with a duplicate of the order: a P.S. also of April
13. was added. This was accompanied with a letter to Thos Franklin,
one to my mother-in-law, one to Mr Aken, and one to Standart. [sic]
      On April 27. I wrote thee a short note by the way of Lubeck.
      On July 4 to 22 I sent thee a long letter by captain Larkins, ac-
-companied by one for governor King, another for Sir J.B. one to Thos F.
inclosing another for Mr Wiles, and one to the admiralty with the journal
of my shipwreck and imprisonment.
      This will serve thee, my love, as a general memorandum.
      Since the last letter, my spirits have suffered much. I never, even in
the Maison Despeaux, experienced such depression; my reason, even, was
upon the point of being affected. I was obliged to quit my charts and
journals, to make visits amongst my good neighbours and take off
my attention from the distressing circumstances of my imprisonment.
With the aid of thy last charming letter and those of my brother and
Mr Aken which happily arrived at the time, and the consolatory
friendship of the excellent family with whom I reside, this plan most-
-ly succeeded. At present I enjoy good health, and the state of my

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