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Letter from (Sir) John Franklin to Ann Flinders (3 of 5) (FLI27) Page 2

or very inconvenient – and I think you deserve the justice
to believe no personal consideration would induce
me to ask any Friend of mine to sacrifice either
in their Interest for me – The desire I have to arise
in my Profeƒsion which is uppermost in my thoughts
hopes and wish, (and which you I think will say is
most laudable) may prompt me, and does perhaps
to urge my Friends with ^ more application than any other
personal consideration could poƒsibly do – but this
earnestneƒs and feeling will rather be approved
than condemned by all who are my sincere Friends
I should suppose – and as many very many events
have proved the warmth and sincerity of your Friendship
I should not I think make any other apology for the
call I have made on your attention

    I am not at all disappointed or diƒsatisfied with Mr
Barrow's answer; two aƒsurances are gained – first
the certainty of Sir Joseph's application in my favour
and secondly that the appointments to the Congo expedition
are filled up – nor do I think put an unfavourable
construction on his promise – he says if Mr Franklin
"can be advantageously employed" – this was a point on which
I insisted in my conversation with Mr Brown, and I am inclined
from Mr Barrow's answer to you ^ & think that Mr Brown has had

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