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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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The National Maritime Museum wishes to thank Lisette Flinders Petrie for her kind permission to publish the transcripts and photographs of the documents belonging to her, namely:

  • FLI/1 (part) - Letter received by Flinders from Mrs Tyler, 1803
  • FLI/1 (part) - Letter received by Flinders from Miss Tyler, 1810
  • FLI/1 (part) - Letter received from Sir John Franklin, 1810
  • FLI/4 - 24 pages of Flinders's private letter book, 1795-1808
  • FLI/5 (part) - Commission appointing Flinders to the 'Investigator', 1801
  • FLI/6 - Personal, legal and business papers, 1811-14
  • FLI/11 - Flinders's biographical tribute to Trim, 1809
  • FLI/25 - Letters received by Mrs Flinders, 1799-1812

We would also like to thank Lindsey Shaw (Senior Curator at the Australian National Maritime Museum) for her painstaking work in transcribing the documents and providing the explanatory notes on people, places, ships and words and phrases that have become the glossaries.