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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from (Sir) John Franklin to Ann Flinders (5 of 5) (FLI27) Page 4

who has such busineƒs to transact – it is well known
that delay and often loƒs of the property result from
the principal person being absent – and under any
circumstance expense & risk would be incurred by
sending the neceƒsary documents here for his information.
    I therefore strongly advised his remaining in the ship
& returning to England that he might be on the spot –
and I told him that I would write and say this to you.
    Independent of this consideration I felt that he was
as yet too young to be placed in a situation in this
community where he would have no other control
over him than that of his Superiors during the hours
of office – he would at all other times be exposed
to the society of giddy & thoughtleƒs young men of his
own age – having no parent to guide him – I should
of course have given him such protection & countenance
as laid in my power – but this you may well suppose
from the nature of my duties – could not extend to
more than frequent enquiry & advice. The salary too
of such Youths is barely sufficient to maintain them
and they are therefore usually filled by youths who reside
with their parents – Our Local Marine is very limited and
though I might perhaps have ^ placed Mathew in that receiving a
[illegible] Pay – but I find he does not understand Navigation
and besides is not as yet of an age to be appointed one of the
mates – at present too there is no vacancy – I have told him
however that if after being home and the property is divided
and he should then like to return to this Country – I should be
glad to get something for him – if I were here – my time of Service
has expired – but I hear from my friends that I am likely to remain
some time longer – I should not object to a few years – in order
to carry out more the plan of Convict Disapline [sic] which I have
recently put into practise – otherwise I should be quite

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ready & willing to go home at once – to renew my intercourse with
my dear family & friends – I regret to say that the Climate
agrees with all of us – my daughter especially who is now a
young Lady of 18 – though not a {tall} one – Lady F – Eleanor & Miƒs Creath
unite with me in affectionate remembrance to you & Miƒs Flinders
Beleive [sic] me ever most affly

      Your Sincere friend
            John Franklin

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St Vincent's Gulph, Australia

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