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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Loose pages from Flinders' private letterbook (6 of 6). Letters to Charles Desbassayns on financial matters and magnetic research. (FLI04) Page 6

shew of 62 to 54 according to the observations.
      I attach myself most to what concerns the magnetism of ships,
as being that which I understand best, and which promised to be of con-
siderable practical utility to seamen, and to those employed in marine
surveying particularly; neither should do I think it improbable that
with the aid ^ of the corrections the almost forgotten variation chart may be revived with
advantage. These, ^ my voyage and some other subjects relating to my profession
will furnish me with food for employment and food for speculation in the retirement to which
I may probably be condemned on my return to England. They have
already been of much service to me, was it only to have driven off
the mortal inquietude into which my long and extraordinary imprison-
ment might otherwise have plunged me.     Apropos de cela, je n'ai rien de
nouveau depuis long temps, pas un mot ne passe entre Son Excellence
et moi ^ depuis Octobre dernier et je n'attends rien, si ce n'est une lettre de L'Inde
par le cartel quand il arriviere. La Semillante est disarmé, et
ne sorte plus, dit-on. On pretend que le général attend incessamment au frigate
de France portant résponse à ses depêches par l'Apropos, et c'est
possible qu'un renouvellement de l'ordre pour me mettre en liberté et
remettre mon petit batiment peut [illegible], mais il restirait à savoir
si l'execution s'en suiverait.
      Adieu, mon cher Charles; envoyez moi le manuscript quand
vous pouvez le trouver. Presentez mes amities les plus respectueuses
et sincere à votre chere et bonne femme, et croyez moi être, avec
la plus parfaite amitie.
      Votre tràs obligà, tràs affectionné, et tràs humble
      serviteur     Mattw Flinders

Rough translation of the above:
    Apropos of that, I haven't had anything new in a long time, not a word has passed between His Excellency and myself since last October, and I have not had a letter from India. La Semillante is disarmed and no longer leaving – so they say. They claim that the general waits shortly for a frigate from France carrying a response to his despatches and it is possible that a fresh order to put me at liberty and to give me my small boat back might come, but it remains to see if the execution of it will follow.
    Adieu my dear Charles, send me the manuscript when you have found it. Give my very best and respectful and sincere wishes to your dear and beautiful wife, and believe me to be with the most perfect friendship
      your very obliged, very affectionate and very humble
      servant     Matthew Flinders

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