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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Papers relating to Flinders' Career: Memoir of official services (1 of 2) (FLI05) Page 2

July 1801, he sailed from England in the Investigator, a bark of 334 tons,
with a French paƒs to secure the rights of science, in case of war. In this
ship he nearly circumnavigated the whole coast of Australia, under circum=
=stances which often required a very unusual exertion of vigilance and
skill, – while his care & attention to the diet & health of his crew,
were a theme of general praise.
      In June 1803, the Investigator was condemned at Port Jackson, as
not sea-worthy, & Captain Flinders embarked with his officers & crew in
two veƒsels bound for India, which were both unfortunately wrecked upon a
coral reef, 700 miles from land. Here the Captain displayed an admirable
exhibition of method, & self-poƒseƒsion; & having made every ar=
=rangement for the maintenance of order during his absence, left the reef
in a small open boat to procure aƒsistance at Port Jackson. By his means &
energy, the whole of the crews were preserved.
      In order to convey home his specimens & papers, he left Port
Jackson in an ill-conditioned schooner of only 29 tons, called the Cumberland.
Having croƒsed the Indian Ocean, ignorant of the renewal of hostilities between
England & France, & relying on his French paƒs, he boldly entered Port Louis,
in Mauritius. But General De Caen instantly seized the veƒsel & papers, and
declared Flinders & his people to be prisoners of war. This disgraceful act, with
the brutal severity of treatment which followed, created that uneasineƒs of
mind which undermined the Captain's health, & had the effect of rapidly
shortening his valuable life.
      After lingering six years in captivity, he was liberated, & reached
England at the end of the year 1810, – when he found that his discoveries were
published in France as Baudin's, every point & port re-named, & the

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