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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (13 of 41) (FLI25)

The Revd Mr Tyler
    Partney near Spilsby
For Mrs Flinders


Annotated: June 1803

              Investigator in False Bay Nov. 3 1801

    I have already written thee twice, my best love, from
this place, in which I have expreƒsed the expectation of
being on our way to New Holland before this time.
Foul winds have detained us these two days, but to-
-morrow morning, and it is now nine in the evening,
we have every prospect of sailing. I shall send this
by Mr Crosley, who leaves us here on account of
his health. The youngest Bell also has left the
ship by his own application, finding as he said
that he was unfit for the service; and I have gotten
a fine young Irishman of about 17 in his lieu,
a red-hot volunteer for the service. He calls the
bishop of Meath, uncle.
    I could almost fancy that here was a regular
post, having written three times within a fortnight;
but when I look for the return of post, alas the blank
makes me sigh. Yes indeed, my love, I sigh heavily
to know thy situation in many respects; and when I

look forward to the length of time before it is poƒsi-
-ble for me to get a letter, it does by no means tend
to raise my spirits. How miserable should I be as
an idle man, I certainly should not live a twelve
-month. Thou must feast me with love when I return,
to recompense me for all my anxieties; and Oh, write
to me constantly, write me pages and volumes. Tell
me the dreƒs thou wearest, and at what time in the
morning thou puttest on thy stockings; tell me thy
dreams, — any thing: so do but talk to me, and of
thyself. When thou art sitting at thy kneedle and
alone, then think on me, my love; and write me the
uppermost of thy thoughts. Fill me half a dozen sheets
and send them when thou canst. Think only, my dear
girl, upon the gratification which the perusal, and
reperusal fifty times repeated, will afford me, and thou
wilt write me something or other every day. Do I ask
too much, when I beg thee to write me something every
day? If so, at least write to me, my beloved, one page
every week. Love like mine, and it is my greatest hap-
-pineƒs to think that thine nearly equals it, would never
be at a loƒs either for inclination, subject, or expreƒsion.

[four or so lines have been cut away from this portion of the letter]
      me no joy as once I am
sometimes sullen, and will not even look at "Forget
me not". I endeavour to forget every thing except my
busineƒs. Thy remembrance sometimes brings to my
mind a train of thinking too painful for me.
Adieu my dearest, best love. Heaven bleƒs thee
with health and comfort, and preserve thy
full affection towards thy very own
    Mattw Flinders

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