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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Sir Joseph Banks to Ann Flinders (2 of 9) (FLI26) Page 2

readily consented to
        Early in the month of august this Letter
was Sent, it Enterd [sic] fully into Capt Flinders case and
no argument I could make use of to induce the
Tyranical [sic] government of France to consent to his
Liberation was omitted
          this Letter was intrusted with
others to the care of a Prince Pignatelli a Spaniard of
high Rank who undertook to deliver them at Paris
without delay indeed this was the only mode of
Conveyance that was at the time to be obtaind [sic]
        it was not until the 18 of April
an answer to this Letter was Receivd [sic] the Prince as
it appeard [sic] Left his baggage & the Letters he was
intrusted with at Rotterdam in Holland & Livery
accidents prevented their arrival at Paris till the
month of February
        So long a delay made me almost
inclind [sic] to give up all hopes of any effect from my
Letter & I felt much anxiety on account of my
unfortunate friend whose destiny I concluded was

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