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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from the Admiralty re magnetic variations (5 of 7). With copy of Captain Hayes' request for more details and copy of Captain Hurd's letter from the Hydrographer's Office (FLI07) Page 6

same Anchorage. I should
wish also to know whether both
these Ships holds were stowed
with water & Provisions
at the time the Experiments
were made, and if the Iron
ballast in both Ships was
covered with Shingle in the
usual way. ———
                    I have &c,
                    Jms Hayes

[Captain Hurd's letter]

          Hydrographer's Office 21st Nov, 1812

    It does not appear that Capt Flinders
gives any decided opinion on the
Subject of Magnetism in Ships,
but only offers reasons, and
States what he calls well ascertained
facts, for the purpose of being
printed & thereby made public,
in hopes of obtaining some
information on which a substantial
opinion may be grounded, and the
great error in compaƒses either
rectified or allowed for. —
    If in addition to the printed
Extracts already distributed by their
Lordships orders from Capt Flinders
account of Experiments, a further

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