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Letter from the Admiralty re magnetic variations (2 of 7). With Mr Inman's letter from the Royal Naval College (FLI07) Page 2

to which you have adverted; and
I have to acquaint you that directions
are given to the Navy Board
and to the Secretary of the
Board of Longitude to provide
the instruments required by
the Profeƒsor.
      I am,
              Your very humble servt
            Jn Barrow

[Mr Inman's letter]

          Royal Naval College
            22 April 1812
      I take the liberty of suggesting to you that
the experiment about to be made on the horizon-
tal deviation of the Needle in different positions
of a Ship with respect to the points of the
compass, would receive, supposing such
deviations to exist, considerable elucidation
by determining the actual variation of
the compaƒs at the different Stations, and
also the dip of the Needle. It would
likewise be useful to observe on
Shore on the Same day, the diurnal
deviation of the Needle.
      For these purposes it would be
neceƒsary to procure Walkers Meridional
compaƒs, a Dipping Needle, and an
apparatus for observing the diurnal

Admiral Sir Roger Curtis Bt
            &c     &c     &c

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