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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Captain Larkins to Matthew Flinders (2 of 2) (FLI01)

Matthew Flinders Esqr R.N:
chez. Madme D'Arifat
      Wilhems Plains

July 29 1806

                      Port NW 29th July 1806

My dear Sir

            By your servant I have received
a parcel – to which my utmost attention shall be
paid nor need you dear any thing respecting
its safety – as I shall provide for its being sent
onboard the Ship, by which we are about to depart
previous to my embarking – to save appearances
and to quiet your mind as to its being safe.
          I have exceedingly to regret that the system
of terror has deprived me of a truly great satisfaction
that of being personally acquainted with you;
as well as to lament, that the same system has
been, and still continues to be the shameful
means of robbing an Englishman of his liberty,
and his Country of the services of a meritorious Officer –

We are to sail on Thursday – which may afford you
more time to write any other letters which you
have omitted, from the idea that the Ship was
to have sailed on this day.
          I have nothing further to offer save
the very best and sincere wishes of a Countryman
which I do with all my heart – hoping your
cruel captivity may soon end – and that you
may soon be restored to those from whom you
are urgently detained, and to your Country
which would be proud to receive you.
          Believe me to subscribe myself with the
most fervent regard
          My dear Sir
                Your true Countryman and
                well-wishing Friend
                      T Larkins

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