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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (26 of 41) (FLI25) Page 2

for, to inform ^ me where thou art; and if after that, thou shouldst change thy
place, leave another there; that I may know where to write to thee immedi-
ately. Thou wilt endeavour to go up to town in a post chaise, and if Mr
shall be able to accompany thee, I shall be infinitely obliged to him
and I will have a lodging prepared for us, against thy arrival, of which
thou wilt learn the place from Mr Bonner.
      Being obliged to send away my letter immediately, I write in great haste,
and am disabled from writing to thy friends and mine. I therefore am obliged
to leave to thee the care of informing my mother in law, those at Boston,
Spalding, Enderby &c &c but if I learn that the vessel has not sailed so
soon as expected, I will tomor address a line to my brother and such
others as time will permit me. Adieu, my best and only love. The
hope of once more embracing thee, bears me up against the prolonga-
tion of patience which general De Caen makes me undergo.
            thy most affectionate
                        Mattw Flinders

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