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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (34 of 41) (FLI25)

Mrs Flinders
7 Mary Street
            Fitzroy Square


                            Fountain Inn – Sheerness
                                        April 20. 1812

My dear love

      I had very little company in the coach to Cha-
tham; and we arrived there about seven on Sunday evening. I
found, that a passage boat was going off to Sheerness in a quarter
of an hour; and preferring that opportunity to getting up very early
next morning, I went on board her with my trunk; after taking
a glass of grog, and a thick piece of bread and butter: there being
no time for tea. We did not get to Sheerness until half past
eleven at night. I went came to the Fountain in Blue Town, for the
passage boats do not now, as formerly, go to the dock-yard.
It was too late to get any thing but cold beef, after which and a
glass of porter, I retired to a bed, which was tolerable, and the room
decent. My rest was indifferent, and I rose with a little head ach [sic];
but that did not prevent me from despatching a large round and a
half of toast, and a plate of ham, with my four cups of tea; and
I was then perfectly well.
      At ten o'clock, I went to the admiral's office to wait
upon Sir Thomas Williams; but found, from the secretary, that Sir

Thomas had been very ill yesterday; and having taken medicine, had
not then risen. It appeared that the admiralty letter, inclosing a copy
of my letter, and of one from captain Hurd (to whom my letter had been
referred) were not received at Sheerness before yesterday; so that
no preparation had been made; and the master attendant of the
Dock Yard, who is directed to be present at the experiments was
gone afloat for the whole day.
      I sauntered about the dockyard from ten till near
noon, and then returned to the admiral's. Sir Thomas was risen
and perfectly recovered; and I had the pleasure to find, that he
took an interest in what I had come about; and tomorrow
morning at nine o'clock, he is to give me a boat to go out
with the master attendant, and a captain of whose intelligence
in these matters he has a good opinion, to the Helder frigate
lying at the Nore; where the experiments are first to be made,
if the weather will permit. If possible, we shall also make the
same on board a gun brig or other small vessel, and perhaps be
able to complete the whole; and in that case, I shall certainly
be aback on Thursday. If not, we may still get done in sufficient
time on Wednesday, for me to get to Chatham the same day, and I
shall then, still be back on Thursday; but thou seest that it
may very well be Friday, or even later, if the wind should prevent

experiments from being made.
      The admiral very politely invited me to dine to day, at his
house at half past five; and I think it likely the commissioner,
and perhaps some others will be there. The admiral is a married
man; he introduced me to Lady Williams, and to a Mrs Williams
wife, I believe, of his secretary and relation.
      The time before dinner, I am devoting to thee, in this
letter, and to making out a formula, ready for tomorrow
      On Wednesday morning, I hope to have a letter
      from thee, directed to Mr Flinders, Fountain
      Inn Sheerness; telling me how thou goest on, and how
Annette is proceeding with her thrush and &ers .
      My kind love to Miss Tyler, notwithstanding she
has put me up coarse, instead of fine neckclothes; and be-
lieve me to be most affectionately
                                                                  Mattw Flinders

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