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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Loose pages from Flinders' private letterbook (5 of 6). To Sir Joseph Banks 1801; to Flinders' father 1801; to his wife 1801. (FLI04) Page 6

If Mr T. does come, thou wilt go down comfortably. But
if he does not, perhaps thou wouldst be as well able to
travel to Portsmouth as to Peterborough. But ^ are does the clothes
thou hast with thee sufficient for a stay of a month or
two? If thou couldst manage in this particular, and Mr
Tyler does not come up to town! What shall I say? I will
only say that I will ^ intirely leave thee intirely to take that course
that, every circumstance being considered, thou shalt judge
best; but remember, my best love, to take into the consi-
-deration, the poƒsibility or probability of a relapse to thy
former state of ill health, arising either from the fatigue
of a days travelling, or otherwise. If thou judgest from
thy present state of health that there is a probability;
then must we not risk thy constitution, and having to come
over again all the routine of misery thou hast once
undergone. I will not expreƒs a wish either way, for
thou canst not but please me. By considering thy health,
thou will consult my happineƒs, oh most closely; thou
wilt shew thy affection to extend to a periods of longer
duration than the present moments. By coming
here thou wilt oh also convince me of thy affection,
if I wanted such a proof. I can therefore only add on
this subject, that if thou goest into Lincolnshire,
which must be the case if Mr. T. comes up for thee,
that then I do not know of any thing further that re-
-mains for me to do for thee. If thou comest here, thou
wilt find the Portsmouth coaches from at the Golden Croƒs,
from the Angel at the back of St Clements, and at the
Spread Eagle or Croƒs Keys (I forget which) in Gracechurch St .
Mr Hippins will secure thee a place, and thou must ^ then write
saying when thou shalt set off, and whether thou comest
to Portsmouth or Gosport: if the former, desire to be set down
at the Crown where I will be. Shouldst thou prefer to live
on board, I will get a feather bed for thy poor joints; if on
shore, I will get a snug room, somewhere on the Gosport side,
and be with thee, and love thee, as much as I can.
    I ernestly beg of thee not even to think which of the above
plan, will please me best, but which will please and

[ends here]

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