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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from H Hope to Matthew Flinders (4 of 5) (FLI01)

                    Calcutta January 1811

My Dear Flinders
          I have not had the pleasure of hearing
from you since we parted off the isle of France owing
I imagine to the activity of our friends in that quarter.
Fortune smiled on them for a short time to make
our final victory more agreeable. It is incredible the
satisfaction which the Capture of that Island has
diffused all over India and every one is now surprized
that an {interpasse} of such importance should never
have been attempted before. The Merchants of this
place feel very grateful and propose giving his Lordship
a magnificent entertainment upon the occasion.
Indeed they have some reason to be so for the [illegible]
war [illegible] which all Veƒsels sailing in these seas
had rendered all commerce extremely precarious.

the amount paid by the Insurance office of Calcutta
alone for captured Ships and property is about
three Millions Sterling exclusive of Company Ships.
All taken by Ships of war from that Island.
Upon the departure of the expedition from this place
I gave letters to some of the principal officers to our friends
the Pitots and {Labauves}, to secure for their families
every poƒsible protection but as there has been no
private letters yet received from the Isle of France
I do not know how they have come off. It is reported
here but I cannot ascertain on what authority that
Tomi Pitot is wounded but only slightly. About
two months ago a Cartel arrived here having on board
young {Labauve} and commanded by M. De {Jean}
{Hilaire}. I have shewn {Labauve} every attention in my
power. I asked him to live at my house however

he would not do from respect to his Captain. I regret
now that he did not come to me for I have had so much
bad health ever since my return that I have not been
able to introduce him as I could have wished whereas
had he been living with me I might have desired any
of my friends to take him in charge but nobody
would take charge of two Frenchmen. However I must
do the Calcutta people the justice to say that they
have been received every where with the greatest kindneƒs
which is rather an extraordinary thing for John Bull.
      About two months ago a Trunk of yours was sent
to me by the Owners of the Harriet which had been
found on board of that veƒsel. The whole was com-
pletely overrun by white ants which neceƒsitated
every thing being opened and exposed to the Sun. I have
been very careful of all your papers and letters of every
description and I have had the whole put into another

trunk and given it in charge to Capt Robert Hay
of the H C Ships Ostell. He has promised
to take the greatest care of it – and a line addreƒsed
to him at the Jerusalem [illegible] will inform
you where he lives, when he will put you on the way
to get it. At one time I thought of selling the contents
of the Trunk and sending you the papers only but as on
reflection you may attach a particular value to
many of the things & books, from ^ having got them from your friends
at the Isle of France. I should be sorry to deprive you
of the satisfaction which you may feel in recovering
them, and as I am ignorant to what things amongst
you may value more than others I send the whole.
The Pistols being loaded I have had them drawn by
a Gunsmith and cleaned for they so [sic] covered with wet
that the Gunpowder in the pan could barely be discovered.

I am out of all patience with Admiral Bertic for
not employing Owen in the attack of the Isle
of France being jealous of his distinguishing himself.
I beg that you will be aƒsured that it will give
me at all times great pleasure to hear of your
welfare and what you intend being about now that
there is no impediment to your navigating
the Indian Seas.
        Have the goodneƒs to present my respects
to Mrs Flinders and believe me to be
            Very Sincerely Yours
                H Hope

I wrote to you in Septr by the Tigris

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