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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from John Elder to Ann Flinders (3 of 3) (FLI28) Page 2

Captain Flinders had drawn also a large amount of money for that
purpose. The reason of C.F. intention for escaping was, that he had
wrote so many letters to the governor, requesting him to send him to
France, or to be set at liberty; and other proposals was made by
capt. Bergeret before ^ he left the I. of F. and other private gentlemen to the
governor, but all these failing; and no orders was yet sent from the
French government of Europe to the general, it always was one answer
that until orders arrived he could not make any change in C.F.s situation
the general seldom wrote any answer, but sent a meƒsage to that effect,
which so much tired Capt. F.s that he will without doubt make the attempt
(and I hope succeed). It depends where the squadron goes should he get on board
but I think most probably it will be India? Should he get on board an Am-
-erican veƒsel, he will then likely go to America, should not any Englishman
of war board the veƒsel; but should C.F.s succeed to what part of the world
would be very immaterial to him, yet England of course would be his prefer-
-ence to any other; – To escape from the I. of Fre latterly is worse than
formerly; every one who made the attempt succeeded, at one time 7 officers got
clear off on board the English Squadron? Should he be discovered in the attempt
I fear, the cruel, savage, inhuman governor would be more strict & severe
upon him? It has been told by private individuals, that the governor has
often relented, and appeared to be sorry for detaining C.F.s so long; and
long since well aƒsured that neceƒsity brought him to touch at the Island, and
not to injure either the government or any whomsoever.
    Captain Flinders health and spirits was in general good and
hearty? He does not look so well as he did by a great deal, his read [sic]

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