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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Narrative of expeditions along the coast of New South Wales, for the further discovery of its harbours from the year 1795 to 1799. Collected by Matt w Flinders 2 lieutenant H.M.S. Reliance (FLI09a) Page 17

1796         a comfortable breakfast, and talked over our happineƒs in
March       finding so friendly a little place, which had enabled
Tuesday     us to lay in a stock of rest against a day of labour, as
    29     well as cook provisions for some time to come. At 7, we pulled
to the northwardsΩ the weather being calm; and paƒsed Bran Cove;
but the sea breeze again set in from the northward, and at noon, fresh-
-ened so much, that we could not make head against it. Being then
then near a high projecting head with a small reef running off
it, we pulled in and anchored.
      The intermediate coast is high, with some small beaches here and
there, but they afforded no shelter. About seven miles from Barn
Cove there are two beaches which falling back a little within the
coast line, served as a point of seperation to our distances, under
the name of Double Cove.
      From the ebbing of the water when we left the small beach
near the coals, we expected to have the tide in our favour; but
from all the observations we could make at this time, it is im-
poƒsible to say which way the tide sets.
      In the afternoon, the boy swam on shore, and found a small
stream of water running into the sea at this place, but we were
not now in want of that neceƒsary article.
      Towards evening, the sea breeze died away, and an air arose
from the southward. We weighed immediately, and proceeded
to the northward along a high iron-bound cliffy coast.
      Just before dark, the sky was over cast, – heavy black clouds full of
Ω The small place of shelter which we now left, is close to the head amongst the cliffy heads in which a
stratum of coal was afterwards discovered. We had paƒsed under the cliffs of
this head in our search for water, and must have seen lumps of the coal
which had fallen down; but the weather and surf had so altered its appear-
-ance, that it remained unnoticed. and our pursuit was so different.

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