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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from James Wiles to Matthew Flinders (2 of 2) (FLI01) Page 3

is the gratitude of the great.
      My youngest brother, John Wiles, whom I told you in a former
letter, was about to take his final leave of Jamaica, by my
advise [sic] incloses his Bill of £1800, nearly the whole of
his fortune – and we request you will present it for
acceptance without loƒs of time. He sails the beginning of
May in the fleet, and of course, expects to be home some-
-time before his bill becomes due. He will tell you all
the Jamaica news, inform you of every particular relative
to myself, future views &c &c – he will also pay you the
money you are in advance on Henry's account; I am sorry,
my dear friend, to see by your statement, that
you cannot poƒsibly afford to lay out of it. I flatter
      myself when your book does appear, it will bring
      you lee-way. I hope it will fill your
{accounts} at any rate, your fame as a navigator,
will at least equal that of Cook's and perhaps
your readers may take the trouble to ask, 'who the devil
Wiles was, that this Cape is named after"
      My brother takes with him a most valuable collection
of seeds, and a pretty good {'harbus siccus.'} In his Herbarium
are a few new genera, amongst them, the Flindersia laconiae.
Perhaps you do not remember going ashore with me and our
worthy friend Smith, upon a small uninhabited island in En-
-deavour Straights. We collected several seeds there, the
Flindersia is produced from one of them. – When this plant
arrived at perfection some years ago, I described it as above
mentioned, but did not send home the description for confir-
-mation. I think my brothers collection will do him great
credit, besides he intends to protect his seeds.—
Make my best respects to Mrs Flinders, I rejoice to learn

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