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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Handwritten will of Matthew Flinders (FLI06) Page 6

or more children, then my desire is, that my said
three executors and trustees, dispose of my monies,
securities for money, real and personal estate, and
property of every description, whether then be-
-longing to me, or afterwards descending or devolving
be bequest, or otherwise in the form and manner
following, ––––

In case of

First. The expenses attending my interment at such
place and in such manner as my dear wife, Ann
Flinders, or a person of her appointment, may direct,
are to be paid and the sum of one hundred pounds
set aside for the four marble slabs, as directed in
the fifth article preceeding.



Second. I bequeath the following annuities and
Legacies, in lawful money of Great Britain for life
To my dear wife Ann, one clear annuity, during
her natural life of, -------------------fifty-five pounds
To my mother in law, Mrs Elizabeth Flinders, one
clear life annuity of ------------------ten pounds


To my sister Susannah Pearson, or to her children
in equal proportion, in case of her death pre=
-vious to my decease, the sum of one hundred pounds
To my brother Samuel W Flinders, or to his law-
-ful children if any, in the same case the
sum of ---------------------------------one hundred pounds
To each of my half sisters Hannah Dodd, and
Henrietta Flinders, or in the above case, to the
children (if any) of each, the sum of ------fifty pounds
To my nephew James Harvey of Donington – twenty pounds
To his sister Susanna Harvey ----------------------twenty pounds


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