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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Marble tablets in Donington Parish Church (FLI06) Page 1

In Memory of
Mr John Flinders, Farmer and Grazier
formerly of
Ruddington near Nottingham
but afterwards of the Parish
who died April the 13th 1741
Aged 59 years

In Memory of
Mr John Flinders, Surgeon
of this Parish
who died Decr 26th 1776, aged 63 years

In Memory of
Mr Matthew Flinders, Surgeon,
residing of this Parish
A Man of exemplary life,
amiable manners, and superior abilities
He died May the 1st 1802
aged 52 years

In memory of
Captain Matthew Flinders R. N.
who died July 19th 1814
Aged 40 years
After having twice circumnavigated the Globe,
He was sent by the Admiralty in the year 1801,
to make discoveries on the coast of Terra Australis.
Returning from this voyage he suffered Shipwreck,
and by the injustice of the French Government was
imprisoned six years in the Island of Mauritius.
In 1810 he was restored to his native land, and not
long after was attacked by an excruciating disease,
the anguish of which he bore until death with
undeviating fortitude. His country will long regret
the loƒs of one whose exertions in her cause
were only equalled by his perseverance: but his
family will most deeply feel the irreparable
deprivations. They do not merely lament
a Man of superior intellect, they mourn an affectionate
Husband, a tender father, a kind brother and a
faithful friend

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