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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (40 of 41) (FLI25) Page 2

favourable opinion of his abilities. I very much fear I shall not
be able to get a ship for him here.
      I have not dined any where, except at home, since last
Sunday; today again I am going to my friend Parks'. The commis-
sioner seems to have no inclination to ^ be civil. Sir Richard Bic-
apologised for apparent want of attention, from the repairs
of his house obliging him to remove into lodgings.
      Thy letter informing me of what had arrived, came
duly to hand. I wish thou couldst have told me of a letter from
Mr Wiles of Jamaica, containing a remittance, rather than of
John's letter speaking of his son. I suppose we shall hear more
of Henry when the ship arrives in Port.
      Since coming from the dock-yard Chapel, I have been
writing to captain Hurd an account of our experiments already
made; and this has thrown me so late, that it is now dinner
time and I am obliged to break off. If it will be any compensation
for a long letter, I can say, that this driving about, sometimes fasting
and then almost gorging, seems to agree mighty well with me; and
I feel more strong and active for it.
                Kind love to all at home from
                            thy affectionate husband
                                        Mattw Flinders

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