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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from James Wiles to Matthew Flinders (1 of 2) (FLI01) Page 1

Address: Capn Mattw Flinders

Annotation: April 18. 1811

                Botanic Gardens, Liguanea, Jamaica
                20th Febry 1811

My dear and most valued friend,

      The newspapers informed me of your return
from captivity from the Isle of Bourbon , but I was much
alarmed lest the account should prove incorrect, knowing
you was confined in the Mauritius; your letter, however, which
I have had the happineƒs to receive, has set me perfectly at
ease. I am extremely anxious to know every thing that has
befallen you; your detention by De Caen was contrary to the
law of nations, of humanity, of hospitality, and the progreƒs
of science; but law and justice are now quite out of the
question with the french; indeed I was afraid the tyrant
would never have allowed you to return to England, I feared
the fate of the late Capt Wright awaited you. — I hope the
account of your voyage in the Investigator, will be chiefly done
by yourself, and this, I should suppose, to be the public wish.
I please myself with the idea that you have now nothing
but prosperity and happineƒs before you. I am well aware
your voyage when published will do you infinite credit
not only as a navigator, but as a man of generall [sic] knowledge
and science. Time and absence, my dear Flinders, have
made no impreƒsion upon my friendship and your letter
convinces me, that you also remain unchanged. I am very sorry
to hear of our friend Smith's death, he was an honest fellow.

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