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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Chappelle (8 of 41) (FLI25)

Rev Mr Tyler
    Partney near Spilsby
For Miƒs Chappelle

                        16 King St Soho April 13. 1801

    I have received thy letters of April 7 and 11 this morning
What different sensations they excite! Oh how I love
thee for them both. The merits of thy first will serve
us to discuƒs here after; my present busineƒs is to contrive
how our union can be accomplished, and with the least
injury to the important busineƒs I am engaged in. I
say injury, only because it does not appear that thou
canst meet me in London; and I fear it is impoƒsible,
even if I obtained leave of absence, without the cause
of it being inquired into by Sir Joseph Banks. I will
explain to thee, my dearest friend, how I am situated
in these respects. The season of our sailing is fully ar-
-rived, and my greatest endeavours have been directed
to getting every thing ready for sailing myself, and in hurrying
others; I have thence got the credit of zeal for the service;
and was I now to adopt a different conduct, every body
can judge what the probable consequences would be. I select
this reason from amongst others to induce thee to meet me
here; and if every thing can be brought to agree, for heavens
sake, my dear Annette, let not the idea of delicacy which
thou hast imbibed, prevent it. I cannot see when this prin-
-ciple will apply to it myself, and I would bring many

arguments against it, but that I hope and trust thy good sense
on a second consideration, will banish it. I must, however,
act at present as if the fatal word had paƒsed thy mouth.
If it is by any means poƒsible, and I ^ ardently hope it will, I will
set off by the Boston coach on Wednesday afternoon, and shall
be at Spilsby on Thursday evening, and if not too late, at
Partney. The ceremony, my dear dear Annette, must be per-
-formed next day, and by the following Monday at farthest
we must leave Lincolnshire. The family at Spilsby is the
only one that need be acquainted with it. Thou or thy fa-
-mily will be kind enough to make the necessary arrange
-ments; only allow me to beg, that as little form, ceremony
and noise may be made, as poƒsible.
    Should any unfortunate circumstance make it im-
poƒsible for me to come, thou shalt have the earliest in-
-telligence that I can convey; and thou must, my friend,
thou must indeed, in that case come by Mondays coach
either with Mr Tyler or Thomas Franklin, or some friend
thou shalt command in the instances hereafter, only let
me command in this. I would not my love ask thee to take
a step I thought improper, or would I wish thee to come
if thou hast the slightest objection, if poƒsibility will
only allow me to come down. Time, my friend, is short
with us, and thou wilt subject thyself to be branded with

insincerity if thou doest not do this.
    The conduct of Mr Tyler confirms the good opinion I
had of him; and I beg him to accept of my sincere thanks
and with thy mother, of my dutiful respects, for do I not
now belong to the family.
    The Investigator must sail by the 1st of May if poƒsible.
              Thine most sincerely & anxiously
                        Mattw Flinders

I have not time to correct.

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Boston (England)


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