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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (15 of 41) (FLI25) Page 2

adequate to thy support as well as my own, that I dared
to follow the wishes of my heart and preƒs thee to be mine.
Heaven knows with what sincerity and warmth of affection
I have loved thee, — how anxiously I look forward to the
time when I may return to thee, and ^ how ernestly I labour that
the delight of our meeting may be no more clouded with
the fear of a long parting. Do not then, my beloved, adduce
the following of the dictates of neceƒsity, as my crime.
Rather, my dearest Ann, let us submit to what has been
decreed for us, and look forward with our best hopes
for the good which is in store for us. — Thy ill health,
my dear love, is indeed very grievous; but I have some
hopes, amongst my many fears for thee, that the operati-
-on thou hast suffered will be of service to thy eye. Let
not unavailing sorrow increase thy malady, but look my
dear Ann to the happy side. See me engaged, succeƒsfully
thus far, in the cause of science and followed by the good
wishes and approbation of the world: — see rising out of
this employment a moderate competence for thee and my-
-self, and ^ see me, thus circumstanced, hastening to thy love
as the best reward of all my toils. Then, my dearest, art
thou not surrounded with the kindest and most affectionate
friends; and I hope thou art not in any want of any comfort
which thou wishest to enjoy; — do not then, I pray thee,
let grief affect thy health, for in so doing it preys both
upon thee and me.
    I write to thee, my dearest, supposing thee to be
as thou wast seven months back; but I hope a material
alteration has taken place for the better. I must wait, how-
-ever, near a twelvemonth for any further information
concerning thee, for we sail hence tomorrow upon an ex-
-pedition which will constitute the body of our voyage
in point of consequence, and it will occupy ten months

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