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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from William Owen to Matthew Flinders (3 of 3) (FLI01) Page 1

Captain Matthew Flinders R.N.
      Standert Esqr Navy Agent
No 7 Mary Street rear
    3 Cliffords Inn Brook Street
                          New Road

Annotation:     Aug 6. 1812 W F W Owen

                Coast of Malabar
            H.M.S. Cornelia 7 January 1812

It is almost impoƒsible that a man of but common place obse-
-rvation cou'd live so long in the World as you or I and be {such or egegious}
deceived in appearances – On their Aƒsurance my Dear Capt Flinders
I believe that you will gladly hear of my succeƒs in promotion at last.
        To be sure Money has not flowed into my Coffers, but I have form'd
favor in the sight of my Superiors and have just been promoted into a
Death Vacancy to the Piémontaise which Ship I have exchanged for the
Cornelia – a very fine tho' Small frigate which sails like the Wind
before it, and free but not superlatively close. — before I
sailed on the Expedition to the Isle of France I received your letter
stating your grievances and immediately write off to Bengall
to Hope who found your Trunk with the Contents half eaten by
White Ants. He however forwarded it immediately to your addreƒs.
I was a servant to the Honorable E. I. John on that Expedition Against
our dungeon. They paid me handsomely but my Veƒsel joining to stay to stay
and my Veƒsel to Sail. – this did not please me.– Since that
time I have been very actively employed but the whole time on the
Coast of Java – to the down fall of which also I added my [illegible] and
now I believe myself on my way there again.
        I am happy to congratulate you on your promotion even so far
back as the time of our Embarkation at Port Louis – This is a sure mark
of their Lordships approbation but a mere expreƒsive one in that you
are ordered to print at their Expence – I need not say that I congratulate
you on these things, I congratulate your Country that free means are given
to merit to develop itself – Don't take too much pains, My Dear
Sir to be correct in your productions, I mean don't refine too much on the terms

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