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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Sir Joseph Banks to Ann Flinders (5 of 9) (FLI26) Page 2

of it were sent to the Coast to be forwarded
by neutrals it is not however probable that many
Neutrals at that time were to be sent with the Mail
from France to the Isle of Reunion. The Americans
who frequent that Island rarely sail from America
to India without touching at France it clearly
therefore appears Probable that the dispatch forwarded
by the Admiralty to Sir Edwd Pellew in December
last would bring the first news of this has no
doubt before this time Reachd [sic] the Island & I
have reason also to beleive [sic] that it has been or
soon will be attackd [sic] by an English Force so
that we have now every degree of hope that
your husband either already is or soon will
be set free
              I am Madam
                your obedient Hble Servt
                        Js: Banks

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