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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Chappelle (3 of 41) (FLI25) Page 2

"this it seems is not satisfactory. According to their ideas, I ought to
"continue labouring that they may enjoy ease and gaiety."
    You my Annette, who have so nice a sense of filial duty and
affection will conceive what sensations this and a great deal more would
excite in me. I answered it immediately, to relieve him from the distreƒs
I saw he was in as soon as poƒsible; and I answered it fully, for I told
him every idea that I had upon the subject, that every explanation
might take place and be done with.
    The following paragraph was also a part of my answer
    "Surely my father, it was to hurt me, and is not your real
"sentiments when you say amongst many other things of the same
"nature, that 'according to their (your elder childrens) ideas you'
'sought to continue labouring that they may enjoy ease and
'gaiety.' "Has my conduct or language ever bespoke this? Think
"you that I have never forborn to ask for succour, when distreƒs
"has urged me to it? My dear father, when you apply such terms to
"your children, let me be spared, at least in future; and I beg you
"to believe, as my sincere sentiments, that I would much rather in-
"-crease your income, and thus ease your labours, than add one day
"to them by receiving five shillings from you; and I hope the time
"will come, and before many years are over, that you will have
"better proofs of the sincerity of what I say than words can be. At
"present, I think my situation will allow me to say, that I shall
"want no further pecuniary aƒsistance; and therefore I beg of you
"to consider, that except in affection and when my aƒsistance is wanted,
"that you have but five children, and act accordingly; and if this
"will enable you to retire from the fatigues of busineƒs one year
"sooner, I shall esteem myself even happier upon it, than upon the
"idea of having taken care of a young brother for six years, and receiv-
"-ing my fathers thanks for the manner in which the trust was
    My heart smote me Annette, when I wrote it, on thy account;
but judge of my situation and feel for me. I must not repent it, — no
sooner than that my fathers words should be verified, I would go naked
in the woods of New Holland and live upon what chance might throw

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