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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from William Owen to Matthew Flinders (3 of 3) (FLI01) Page 2

in which you make us acquainted with your Knowledge and John Bull [illegible]
cherish you. — His Children are men of plain parts who don't mind a thing
being a little ungrammatically expreƒsed, provided it be expreƒsed in the
common ^ way and do not Smell of School — Excuse me for this hint but I am
afraid of your attempts to avoid every poƒsible [illegible] both in language [illegible]
us of your productions for a longer term — I speak as plain as a very intimate wou'd
do — But are we not Intimates? — Men who meet in Adversity, require not
in the Cold term of a [illegible] to become so — Indeed do you know that I esteemed
myself half happy that I was prevented from proceeding to the Isle of france
since French Wives however admired are some thing out of {le Foute}
But the letters of {Fouy} and his family seem to imply that I am not yet out
of the Scrape, if then you shou'd hear that I bring a Wife home with me
Consider that it will be one of your firmest admirers altho' she knew
you not, and that you will not stand acquitted of Slighted friendship if
you pay not your [illegible]. The papers will make you acquainted of the
recent stupendous events which have occurred in India — and when
we meet such Observations on the same as I may have for you will serve
as food for my Loquacity, and your patience and will probably furnish
me the means of cultivating your friendship with pleasure to both —
bring leƒs [illegible] than your Mathematics and Magnetics. Why politics
will serve for farces and interludes to these more useful
branches of human Knowledge ——— I am afraid to break out
[illegible] within the [illegible] limits of a letter because the first article
which you wou'd perceive wou'd remind you of our difference of Opinion
on the Government of this Ball of Earth & Water and things thereon —
You say General Principles. I say particular providence —
God help me My Weak fancy thinks to have seen his hand leading
Britons from here there & then back &c &c merely to fulfill his
Views ———- Oh! Flinders had you but seen us! Admirals, Generals,
Lords, Commoners, Soldiers, Sailors, of all them not one
knowing, when or what next — If ever the hand of God led
Men thus Earthly deeds Britons over Mauritius & Java {to his not their}
Conduct ——— How I scribble — but I should leave you here to laugh
a little at the half puritan —

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