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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Sir Joseph Banks to Ann Flinders (2 of 9) (FLI26) Page 3

decided by the Abominable Bonaparte & who of
Course I could not expect to be Liberated unless at
some distant period peace and aƒsurd [sic] understanding
might again take place between the two Countrys
        I was however much Satisfied in
Receiving learning by this Letter of the date of march 5th that
the delay of the Princes Baggage was the real reason
why no answer had come to my hands &
that the National Institution of Paris had unanimously
recommended to the minister of marine to
promote Capt Flinders's liberation in Many &
Pointed terms.
        My hopes therefore are once more
alive on the subject & as I flatter myself {that}
all has been done that can be done I feel a
Satisfaction in hoping that it will not be Long
before Bonaparte's determination on the subject
is Sent to me & that it will be favorable in
which case Madam you may depend on an
Early Communication
        I beg madam that you will believe
        me your Obedient Hble Servant
            Js: Banks

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