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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Chappelle (4 of 41) (FLI25) Page 3

have employment.
      Thus am I raising a barrier in imagination against the attacks
of the common enemy of our peace. Approvest thou of such a plan?
If so, try it my dear friend. Learn music, learn the French language,
enlarge the subjects of thy pencil. Study geography and astronomy;
and even metaphysics, sooner than leave thy mind unoccupied. Soar
my Annette, — aspire to the heights of science. Write a great deal,
work with thy kneedle [sic] a great deal, and read every book that comes in
thy way, save trifling novels. Thou canst not want employment.
But my enthusiasm must subside, and a rational answer given to
thy question.
      My definition of independence is, to live without pecuniary
aƒsistance from anyone; and by living I mean, the poƒseƒsion of all
the neceƒsaries of life, and a moderate portion of the comforts of it {could}
we, my dear friend, unite, and a mod poƒsƒes these without being {separated}
from each other, I should scarcely have any thing to wish for.
Much as I have followed ambition and probably shall con-
-tinue to follow, I would then lay her at thy feet. The prospect {that}
now opens before me, of arriving at rank and fame in the world, I
would forego for a moderate competence and thee. And think not
my Annette, that I value thee leƒs for the want of fortune. Hea-
-ven is my witneƒs, that did I poƒseƒs ten thousand pounds tomorrow
and I found thy person and manners what I think they are, my
hand should await thy acceptance.
      Thou wilt write me once more, so as to arrive before the 26. speak-
-ing of thy departure for Partney. By personal conference we may
be able to come to a better and more final understanding than by
letter. Let us meet as lovers, and part as — friends, my Annette.
Ah me!
      My best respects attend thy mother and Mr Tyler. With the

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