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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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FLI/11 Matthew Flinders' biographical tribute to his cat Trim 1809 (FLI11) Page 5

prepared mouthful,they were often surprised to find the meat gone, they could not tell how.
      Trim had one day missed a fine morsel from the hungry activity of one of the young gentlemen (the present captain D.) who dined in the gunroom; seeing him, however, talking and eating at the same time, my persevering gentleman did not give it up, though the piece was half masticated and only waited for a piece to disappear; but running up the waistcoat of our unsuspecting guest, for Trim was then but a kitten, and placing one paw at each corner of his mouth, he laid vigourous [sic] siege to his morsel; and whilst the astonished midshipman inarticulately exclaimed, G_d d__n the cat! Trim fairly took the piece out of his mouth and carried it off. This was pushing his enterprises too far, and he therefore received a reprimand which prevented them in future.
      The gunroom steward was, however, more particularly Trim's confident; and though he had dined with the masters, he was not too proud to sit down a second time with the servant. William had such an opinion of Trim's intelligence, that he talked to him as to his child, whilst my four-footed master looking up in his face, seemed to understand him and to give rational answers. They had the following conversation after dinner on the day of Trim's audacious enterprise just related:
    Do you know master Trim that you have behaved very ill? —— Me-ew?
    It is very well to play your tricks with those that you know, but you should be more modest with strangers.——Mew!
    How dare you say that I gave you no breakfast? Did I not give you all the milk that was left, and some bread soaked in it? —— Mou wow!
    No meat! What! you grow insolent? I'll chain you up; do you hear sir? — Me-ew.
    Well if you promise to behave better, you shall have a nice piece of the cold steak of mutton for your supper, — you shall ——— Mew –wew!!
Gently master Trim. I'll give it to you now, but first promise me upon your honour. Me-wee.
    Come then my good boy, come up and kiss me.
Trim leaped up on his shoulder and rubbing his face up against William's cheek, received the mutton, piece by piece out of his mouth.
      In an expedition to examine the northern parts of the coast of New South Wales, Trim presented a request to be of the party, promising to take upon himself the defence of our bread bags, and his services were accepted. Bongaree an intelligent native of Port Jackson, was also on board our little sloop, and with Trim formed an intimate acquaintance. If he had occasion to drink, he mewed to Bongaree and leaped up to the water cask; if to eat, he called him down below and went strait [sic] to his kid, where there was generally a remnant of black swan. In short, Bongaree was his great resource, and his kindness was repaid with caresses. In times of danger, Trim never shewed any signs of fear, and it may be truly said, that he never distrusted or was afraid of any man.
      In 1800, the Roundabout returned to England by the way of Cape Horn and St. Helena, and thus Trim, besides his other voyages, completed the tour of the globe. Many and curious are the observations which he made in various branches of science, particularly in the natural history

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