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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Instructions to Flinders from Admiralty for voyage of discovery in HMS Investigator (FLI03) Page 12

care of the Naturalist and Gardener, and
to cause to be planted therein during
the survey such Plants, Trees, Shrubs
&c, as they may think suitable for
the Royal Gardens at Kew; and you
are, as often as you return to Sydney
Cove, to cause the said Plants to be
deposited in the Governor's Garden
and under his Charge, there to remain
until you sail for Europe: and so
soon as you shall be preparing to
return Home, you are to cause the
small Plant Cabin to be removed
from the sloop's Quarter Deck, and
the one brought out by the Porpoise
(which is something larger) to be
placed there in its' stead; in this
lastmentioned Cabin the Naturalist
and Gardener are to place the Plants,
Trees, Shrubs &c, which may have
been collected during the survey, in
order to their being brought Home
for His Majesty; and you are so
soon ass the sloop shall arrive at

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