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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from William Owen to Matthew Flinders (1 of 3) (FLI01) Page 3

The Baracouta is at the Moluccas & will not probably soon be here, in the mean
time I mean to stick to the Admiral. My Court Martial is not yet over, but his
Captains more are hourly expected, when we shall have enough; Hope gave me
my Certificate immediately, so that nothing but this said Court Martial is now
between me and Active Service.
        I am at this moment about Ten Miles from Madras
in a little Retreat where, I enjoy more time and air than in the Butterfly Society of
this Gay Settlement, where we hear naught but nonsense, where there is an
Established Warfare between the Sexes, the Weapons, Scandal and Quizzical Rudeneƒs, or
Rude Quizzing. –– The Girls landed here for two days. I have written hence both
to Hope and Ramsden, & given both your addreƒs. All the World in India had taken so
much Interest in your fate, that your liberation caused general Satisfaction.
      My present Admiral is a most boisterous fellow, but Clever, Zealous
and honest as the Sun –––-Young Franklin I have had interest to get into the
Phæton as Master, and the Remainder of our Crew are dispersed I know not where.
      I have had the honor of being much questioned Relative to the Isle of france
and have not failed to Endeavour to let [sic] them in the right way. I have written for them
a Memorandum adverting to the Politics which shou'd govern us in an Attack,
and giving Military such Military and local hints as I considered neceƒsary to
securing the Conquest. We are now preparing for the Expedition tho' tis not yet ordered.
      Your old Shipmate Briggs is in the Station, when we meet, we shall not fail to
speak of you. –
      Here are some Hare brained fellows coming acroƒs the water to annoy me
so that I must conclude by desiring you will not fail to give me an ample Account
of yourself. How the Noble Baronet President received you. How the Admiralty have
shewn disposition towards you. If you have seen my brother, and all else relating to
yourself , your views, &c &c. I am now teazed [sic] by a Jolly good boy, young Drury.
You know the impoƒsibility of saying much in such case, and the neceƒsity
of sending this to Calcutta in the way to England will prevent my resuming
the pen to you 'till something else turns up. In the mean time My Dear Sir
believe me that very few, and those only circumstances of Natural Attachment
can give me greater pleasure than an Occasion which shall again offer
the pleasure of your Society to your faithful and Sincere
                    W F W Owen

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